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Giclée - A term used for digital printmaking.  Inkjet printers apply ink to a variety of media, primarily high-quality papers and canvas.  The process is capable of producing exceptional results because or its extensive range of color and tonal characteristics.  Pegge's giclée prints are produced on Oahu.  Please inquire if you are interested in ordering a custom size.

Serigraph - Silkscreens are a sophisticated stencil used to make serigraphs or screen prints.  Sheer silk or synthetic material is stretched onto a frame to create a screen.   Heavy inks are then forced with a squeegee through the open areas of the stencil onto paper, fabric, or other material.

Lithograph - An image is transferred onto a limestone or photosensitive plate, inked up with rollers and printed by hand on a large flat press.

Offset Lithography (Poster) -  A photo-mechanical technique, using four colors in which the image to be printed is transferred to the negative plates and printed onto paper.

Does Pegge use a model?  Not for her paintings of Hawaiian women, it is more an image in her head, an icon.

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